10 Tips for Successful Restaurant Social Marketing

With food and beverage content flooding the social media, restaurants have an advantage to reach their customers, but it takes time and best practices to be successful and stand out from the crowd. You can’t win the customer by simply showing photos and videos of food or drinks anymore. Restaurants have to be creative in telling stories and getting the customer involved. You have to put the social in social media. To help restaurants develop a captivating social presence, we have rounded up 10 advanced tips and strategies. 

In our colour paper below, we’ve included each of these 10 tips with in-depth easy-to-follow instruction on how to implement them into your restaurant business both quickly and efficiently. With quotes and insider tips from Chotipong Leenutaphong, Owner of Foodie Collection as well as Elena Broms, Regional Director of Restaurants & Bars in South East Asia & Korea at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®), readers will be able to glean from real-life examples of good social media practice on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Read the full report from Flame.asia contributor Shayan Naveed by scrolling to the download link below.


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